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Diameter Bumper Sticker

Diameter Bumper Sticker

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One of the biggest micro-shocks of my year so far was finding out that almost nobody I know, and only Mark among the staff, are familiar with the 26.2 stickers that look the same. It’s the mileage of a marathon, and it’s common (but apparently not as common as I’d thought) to see 26.2 stickers on cars around town, as a way of saying, “I can’t speak for you, but I, myself, have run a marathon.”

When I see 26.2 in any context, I think of two things: Marathons, and the seat post diameter on old cheap bikes. I have no problem with either, but I thought it would be neat to “de-value” the marathon 26.2 stickers by making a 26.3 sticker. But then it went to 26.8, the diameter of the seat posts on most of our bikes.

  • 26.8 - Roadini, Roaduno, Sam Hillborne, Joe Appaloosa, recent Atlantis, Platypus, Cheviot, Susie/Wolbis, Gus, Charlie H. Gallop (coming), Rosco Bubbe, some customs,
  • 27.2 - Roadeo, early Atlantis, Homers, Hillbornes, and Hunqapillars, many customs, Rambouillet, and Romulus (I think)
  • 29.8 - HubbuHubbuh, Clems 59 and 64

These seat post size aren’t unique to our bikes. Check out your other bikes—the seat post diameter is always marked near the bottom. 

Stickers are suitable for cars, motorcycles, computers, cell  phone, and refrigerators.

They’re 3" x 4.5"

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