Dia Compe SS-6 MTB silver brake levers


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A solid little lovely brake lever, with all the features a required of a brake lever. It fits Mountain bars (22.2mm, or 7/8-in. diameter), is sized for about 3 fingers (frame of reference: (That is good, normal, desirable) We particularly like the soft silver finish and even more particularly like the engraved DIA COMPE on the handle. That logo-mark hasn’t changed since the early ‘70s. Has not kept up with the times—in this case a good thing. You get a Dia-Compe brake lever, it’s going to last you like…forty years.

This one works for cantilevers and sidepulls and centerpulls.

Will Not work on Albastache bars or Drop type bars since those have a 23.8mm brake clamp diameter. This is not to be confused with stem clamp diameter which is a totally different thing.

Sold per pair.

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