Dermatone Z-cote Sungoop SPF 30


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I/Grant am a huge user of/believer in sunscreens. I keep my face shiny with it all year long. Can't get enough of the stuff, if you must know the truth...and consequently, I've become quite the expert at which ones work. I and almost every Arctic explorer uses this stuff. It refuses to be sweated off, rubbed off, you name it. It smells wonderful. It has zinc oxide in it, and that's supposed to be good, and Dermatone is kind of a leader in sunscreens, so you can be sure that even if I don't know the science behind this, at least they do. The tin is easy to use, packs in a bag, but the thing is--put it on in the morning and you won't have to reapply. We sell it for the going rate, so if you use sunscreen and you're open to a new one and $8 won't break the bank, give this a try. 0.5 ounce tiny tin tin. SPF 30
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