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Derailer - Front - Stubby Skeleton Key

Derailer - Front - Stubby Skeleton Key

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The world front derailer situation is pathetic, dire, dreadful—the cumulative effects of COVID-related material shortages and bicycle parts makers working overtime on parts more exciting than front derailers in a market that uses them less and less. Mix it all up and what it boils down to is a low point in the modern history of front derailers. This one is an ugly son-of-a-bitch, but it works great, and we like it so much that, after extensive testing of seven or eight likely models, this one came out on top—so we ordered 1,400 of them. Mark and Vince and James did most of the dirty work, the testing and recording. This was the clear winner, and we're glad to have it.

It works with all Silver cranks. Until we develop our own Silver front derailer this is the one to get. Use a 113 to 118mm BB. It's a 9 speed technically, but should work well with 7, 8 and 10 as well. Probably 11 too, but we haven't tested it.

34.9 clamp shimmed to either 28.6 or 31.8. It'll come with shims for both.

  • Capacity 14T according to Microshift, but we use it with 20t jump triples all the time.
  • Chain Line: 48.8mm
  • top gear teeth 34-42t
  • works with our Silver Triple 44/34/24
  • Dual pull
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