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David Lance Goines Poster

David Lance Goines Poster

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17.50" x 24"


Update 2/23/23: We just heard the sad news, rest in peace, David. All proceeds (that means $60 of your $60 purchase) from this poster will go to the the Yadav family in Nepal and/or the Oglala Lakota Children's Justice Center. It's to combat and help children recover from child abuse (yes, that kind) on the reservation.

The YADAV family store is HERE.  They're a Nepali family that is suffering more than most, and a lot of that is due to debt.


Read Grant's  write-up on David and this poster here.

The artist is David Lance Goines. Many of us here own DLG posters already. If you’ve circulated and in the S.F. Bay Area for 30 years or so and have paid attention to nice-looking-things-on-walls, generally framed, you’ve seen his work. And if not, you can see it here:

It's of Milo, son of our own former employee Keven and his wife, Dynelle.

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