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Light - Battery - Cygolite HotRod 110 front WHITE blinky USB

Light - Battery - Cygolite HotRod 110 front WHITE blinky USB

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Cygolite HotRod front 110 white blinky USB

Mounts: Almost anywhere. Basket, bag, frame tube or stay or fork or stem; your finger. There are dozens of places to mount it on any bicycle ever made.

Ideal use: Commuting. Riding at speeds that average less than 15 mph. Reading, Around a campsite. As a featherweight back-up to some other light.

The only thing it’s not great at is fast descents on unlit streets, but this is a killer terrific tiny spectacular light, and if you can afford it, get it.

You can turn it into a red light with a red Sharpie.

Charge it by plugging into your computer or flat screen tv using the included USB to micro usb cord. If you need a wall charger,  use most any cellphone wall charger with a micro usb plug.

Finger sized -- 3.25" x 7/8" (82mm x 23mm), only 29 grams

LED Output --110 flashing lumens

Modes and Run Times
-- low flash: 30 hours - low profile, long lasting flash
-- zoom: 6 hours - Alerts with a slow and gradual change in brightness, pulsating
-- steadypulse: 6 hours - steady beam helps motorists gauge their distance while overlapping pulses keeps them alert
-- high flash: 3.5 hours - intense flashes enhance motorist awareness
-- high steady: 1.5 hours - radiates bright and steady for broad coverage
-- group: 100+ hours - long lasting, low profile awareness for when you're riding with a group of other cyclists

Charge Time -- 3 hours.

Internal Lithium-ion battery powered, good for at least 500 charging cycles.

One rubber bungie band included.

NOTE - The bungie band can be easy to lose, so if you're taking it off all the time, stretch the band onto both hooks before you put the light in your pocket.



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