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Crank - Silver - 2 piece with 32/22 chainrings

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Our own Silver crank in a 2 piece variation. We had these made for the Gus and Susie frames, but they work well on any of our bikes and tons of others too. It has a 104/64 BCD (bolt-circle diameter) so you can fit teeny chainrings on the inside for easy uphills on dirt. They come with 32T outer x 22T inner, but you can go down to 18T.

With an 18t chainring and a 51t rear cog, every stretch of road or trail that requires pedaling becomes a balancing act. Stick with the stock 32 x 22, and max out the rear cog at....46t. 

The arms are cold forged out of 7075 T6 aluminum, and strong enough for any rider. Compatible with up to ten speed chains and in lengths 167, 172, 177, and 182.

A good bottom bracket and spacers are included, hence, the slightly higher price than our square taper crank.

For 68mm BB shells, use two spacers on the drive side and one on the non-drive.

For 73mm BB shells, use one spacer on the drive side.

169mm Q-factor with supplied BB.

This comes with a 32/22, which will be perfect for bikes that see mostly trail riding in hilly areas. You'll spin out on the road going downhill, but that's a good time to take a break anyway. If you'd like higher gearing, check out the arms only variation.

Check out our gear inch calculator if you're into fine tuning your gearing.