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Crank - Clipper double guard - Wide/Low - 42t x 26t

Crank - Clipper double guard - Wide/Low - 42t x 26t

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Crank Arm Length

KIND OF our favorite crank for all-around city riding and on roads that aren't super steep & continuously rolly.

Wide range, low gearing double in a familiar 110 x 74mm bolt circle pattern.
This is great for those who prefer the simple set-up and quick shifting of double cranks; riders who do a lot of steep climbing off-road and coasting down hill; commuters who stop and go a lot in a hilly city.

Rings and guard are aluminum, top notch Japanese made quality with a satin silver or black finish.

Cold forged aluminum arms made in the same factory and with the same forgings as the XD2.  These cranks will last many years and look great all the while.

Use it with a 113mm or 115mm square taper (JIS) bottom bracket--either Shimano, Tange, or IRD.


170mm - 760grams

46mm chainline with 110mm bb

160mm Q-factor with 110x68 bb

bb crank bolts included


**** A few secret tips to loosen the hidden chainring nut:

-most of the time the bolt and nut will give way if a you loosen the bolt with a sudden, fast counter clockwise rotation. 

-if the nut spins with the bolt no matter how fast and hard you spin the bolt, drip a little penetrating oil (wd-40) and let it soak in a few minutes

-use a small, flat head screwdriver or something really thin and flat - like a fingernail file - and stick it in the slot of the chainring nut, in between the crank arm and chainring to prevent the hidden chainring nut from spinning when you simultaneously loosen the chainring bolt.

-if the nut is still spinning, wedge something (a piece of hardwood, a fat screwdriver, a tire lever, etc) the size of the gap (5-6mm) between the hidden nut and crank arm to prevent the hidden nut from spinning when unscrewing the bolt.

Check out our gear inch calculator if you're into that kinda thing.


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