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Crank - Clipper GS- 46t x 30t

Crank - Clipper GS- 46t x 30t

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Crank Arm Length

New Clipper crank for all-around city riding and on roads that aren't super steep & continuously rolly.

Wide range, low gearing double in a 94mm bolt circle pattern.

This is great for those who prefer the simple set-up and quick shifting of double cranks; riders who do a lot of steep climbing off-road and coasting down hill; commuters who stop and go a lot in a hilly city.


Cold forged aluminum arms will last many years and look great all the while.

Use it with a 107-110mm square taper (JIS) bottom bracket--either Shimano, Tange, or IRD.

Your choice of 170 or 175 mm arms.

After you do a few thousand miles of riding you'll need to get new rings. Bad and worn-out rings have shark fin lookin' teeth, and will chain-suck when shifting.

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