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Saddle - Brooks B17s (short), Special

Saddle - Brooks B17s (short), Special

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B17 Special Short

This is the fancy and smaller "short" version of the Brooks B17.

This is a Special because the lower edge of the side flap is hand-beveled (skived), and the rivets holding the leather to the frame are 13mm wide copper and set by hand with a hammer, rather than small steel and machine-set.  Also the steel frame and rails have a brass-like chrome finish instead of a black powder coat.

The difference is cosmetic, and if you like the honey color and the big rivets and get a chill knowing a brute with a mallet smacked the copper rivets flush with the leather, then get this saddle.

The "S" version is not as long as the non-s type, which is better for shorter people and looks nicer (not as huge and out of proportion) on smaller bikes. It also may say"Ladies" somewhere on the box, so if you're a dudebro that can't handle "ladies" things, do not buy this saddle, get the non-S version.

Length: 242 mm
Width: 176 mm
Height: 58 mm
Weight: 480 g

Honey or Antique Brown


 Register your Brooks leather saddle  HERE within 3 months of purchase to extend the 2 year warranty to 10 years.


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