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Possum Merino Wool Beanies: Assorted styles and colors.

Possum Merino Wool Beanies: Assorted styles and colors.

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Snuggy: The lightest one, with a pattern about the bottom is the least likely to overheat you when the old mercury reaches the mid-'60s, and the one most likely to fit under a helmet. Super nice otherwise. :). Our wheelbuilder's favorite.

Roundy: As the name implies, it's more round/less bullet-shaped than the others, so it's best for your big hair days, and had a nice, all-around style to it. Double-thick, with room for a thin beanie, like one of the Aussie ones, under it. Take that, Old Guy Winter!

Ribby: Your typical bullet/rounded cone-shaped with a low-key rib that blends you in anywhere. 

Cabley: This one has a loose-ish fit because the cable knit doesn't constrict as much, and it's—well, forgive me in advance, some people might say it's more feminine than the others. I have one from years ago, though, so anybody can wear it.

All are 40% Possum Fur, 50% Merino Wool, 10% Nylon. Wash gently, air dry, no problem. They never stink. If you're a greaser, maybe hold off.


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