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Possum Merino Socks from New Zealand

Possum Merino Socks from New Zealand

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We try to be extra judicious when it comes to describing any product as "top-notch," pulling it out only in the rarest of instances and after much internal discussion. But we don't hesitate when it comes to these sox. Most “wool" sox these days are between 20 and 45 percent wool. Now and then you run into a Smart Wool that’s 70, and if you spend an hour on the internet you might beat that, but the pickings above that are slim. These are expensive, but unless you buy wool sox in six pax at Costco (nothing wrong with that, I got a friend who does), you know how expensive sox can get…and by that realistic modern standard, these aren’t bad. Luxury for your feet, if you figure you're worth it. 

Ideal for:

Walking, dog-walking, power-walking, running, cycling, weightlifting, CrossFit, aerobics, fly-tying, knitting, machining, forging, office work, reading, sleeping—any above-water activity. If you're a lineman for the county, these are your sox!


S: shoe sizes up to W9.5, M7.5

M: shoe sizes W11, M9

L: shoe sizes W13, M11

XL: shoe sizes W15, M13

Washing: As the label says, and when in doubt, buy the larger size and count on them to get tossed in with the hotwash by accident some time.

Bonus: Since they’re reversible, it’s almost exactly like paying half price. Plus, by flip-flopping, you can easily wear the same pair four days straight.


Every night, imported and now invasive Australian opposums eat 20 tons of native New Zealand forest, and gobble up flightless birds and bird eggs as they go. The NZ gov’t and people in general are sick of it but used to it. It’s amazing that the whole country doesn’t look like a golf course. The possums multiply fast and have no predators. Ugly scene, fascinating but no fun to talk about, but sometimes you just need to know.

 As a way to kill off the bad possums, the NZ gov’t encourages and helps subsidizes businesses that make things out of possum wool. These NW Woolies (a blend of merino, possum, and nylon (“for strength”) came of that plan, and us importing them and you buying them greases the skids.


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