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2024 Clem Complete Assembly

2024 Clem Complete Assembly

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Add this to your cart if you want us to get your Clem ready to ride out of the box when you receive it. If you want parts swapped, this labor charge will cover it, although there are additional labor fees for fenders, racks, and dynamo stuff. This $150 fee gets you:

  • parts swapped - bars, tires, stem, shifters, etc.
  • Riv bar tape wrapping, with the twine and all that fun stuff
  • the bike tuned up to our standards. The complete Clems are "assembled" in Taiwan, but they need a mechanic to go over them before they're safe to ride. Add this to your cart if you want everything dialed right out of the box. We'll make sure the limit screws are perfect, the headset is adjusted, the brake pads are square with the rim, the housing is cut to a reasonable length, the hanger is aligned, etc. 
  • This labor also covers re-boxing the tuned-up bike. It doesn't cover shipping charges.

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