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Hillibike Build Kit - James' Pick

Hillibike Build Kit - James' Pick

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This is a good option for people who don't want to expend a ton of energy selecting parts but want a hillbike that's upright and ready to ride trails. This could be made into a different type of bike with a quick tire swap and the addition of a rack, but as it is, it'll make a great upright out-n-back trail rider.  This is how we'd set up bikes for ourselves. No substitutions on these and the tires may vary depending on availability, but they'll be functionally the same.

Here's the parts list:


In return for picking this build with the purchase of a frame and streamlining our process, you'll save $400 off the retail price. It's a Gus in the picture, but all with the exception of the stem will work on a Susie as well. If you're getting a Susie we'll swap in a nice Nitto quill stem. It's $100 more than the "you pick the fun parts" option because it skews slightly fancier and includes pedals and a Nitto S83 2 bolt seatpost. 

No saddle included so add one to the cart if you need one. Monarch pedals are included in this package.

Call us with questions at 800-345-3918.

Note: this is just for all the parts that go on the bike, the frame isn't included in this price.

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