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Cable Stops - Clamp-on, for brake and derailer cable housings.

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If your bike lacks housing stops or you wreched them beyond repair, here you go: Hinged, aluminum clamp-on stops that come in two sizes to fit over two different diameter tubes:

28.6mm (1-1/8") and
31.8mm (1-1/4").

There's only a 1/8-inch difference in those tube sizes. It's helpful to have a dial caliper to measure yours.

This fellow's Rambouillet's cable stop got wrecked in a bike rack clamp. At some point he can strip the bike and have a new one brazed on, then get the spot touched up. But that's a month and $150 away. This clamp is quicker.

This Quickbeam frame is on it's way to get set-up with some derailleurs and bar-end shifters.