Clamp-on Cable Stops




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Clamp-On Cable Stops

If you got an old frame that doesn't have any downtube or top tube cable stops and you lost the original steel banded ones, OR mangled one of your brake cable stops in a car rack clamp,

then Look What We Have Here: twin stops that are aluminum and hinged!

28.6mm (1-1/8") and
31.8mm (1-1/4").

Know your needs. Measure!

Sold individually.

This fellow's Rambouillet's cable stop got wrecked in a bike rack clamp. At some point he can strip the bike and have a new one brazed on, then get the spot touched up. But that's a month and $150 away. This clamp is quicker.

This Quickbeam frame is on it's way to get set-up with some derailleurs and bar-end shifters.

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