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Charity - Go, Bicycles!

Charity - Go, Bicycles!

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Go, Bicycles! Pencils and erasers (by Musgrave)

Not for pencil-fetishists, but as good as a pencil needs to be, and since 1916, without changing locations or name, it has made by The Musgrave Pencil Company in Shelbyville Tennessee. In the 1950s, Shelbyville had so many pencil makers that Tennessee’s governor dubbed it, “The Pencil City.” Only Musgrave has survived, and to our knowledge these are the only pencils that promote bicycle riding as a lifestyle. No need to turn us on to your favorite “Hemingway used it” pencil, etc!

Technical Data:

• Raw cedar wood

• Hexagonal for minimal rolling

• HB (medium, a #2) lead

• A full almost-7.5-inches (18.8mm) long before sharpening. As pencils go, that’s a “medium length,” and fits better than some in the pocket of a shirt. 

• Red eraser (not pink) with a black foil (the part that holds the eraser)

• 0.2oz / 5.8g per piece

All proceeds (meaning 100 percent of your $1.00 cost) goes to charity (Isabel Galan* of Bronx, NY), and we’ll match that with $1.00 our of our lunch fund.

We have sharpeners, too—a Germany/China collab, with one country supplying the plastic exoskeleton, and the other making the metal blades. This is a Musgrave-approved sharpener, and it comes with two holes—one for normal pencils, one for fat ones. Also 100 percent of the $2.00 cost goes to Isabel Galan, and we’ll match that, too, with $2.00 out of our lunch fund. 

* Google “Isabel Galan, NYT” to learn more. We lend support regularly, and these pencils will help.  If we sell 864 pencils and 385 sharpeners, Ms. Galan gets $3,268. We’d LIKE to send her that check by the end of July.

Go, Bicycles! Pencil: $1.00

Germany/China eraser: $2.00

While supply lasts.

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