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Made by Shimano, Tange or IRD.

An excellent, trouble-free bottom bracket and a great value. It installs easily (with this tool), is sealed, and you'll likely get 15,000 miles out of it. We can't say they'll work for sure with a crank you have...but if it's a Japanese crank with a square taper and the current spindle seems about the same length as the ones here, it's a good bet. They work great with the Sugino XD-2.

For any of the cranks we sell, get the 110mm. UNLESS you're using a Shimano XT front derailer or a WHITE INDUSTRIES VBC crank. Then and only then, get a 113.
Let's say you get a 110 for your bike, and a chainring rubs or the inside of the crank by the pedal hits the chainstay. You must have a crazily designed custom frame. Get a super wide Shimano crank.

Here is a short video of Mark installing a BB.

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