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Saddle - Brooks B67

Saddle - Brooks B67

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Brooks B67: The Charming Squeaker

The B.67 doesn't always squeak, but it squeaks more than any other saddle we've ridden or sold. It's not horrendous, but we don't know your level of sensitivity on a scale to 10. If you suspect you're over a 4, don't get it. You'll be missing out on a really, really comfortable saddle.

And the squeak can be silenced generally one of two DIY ways:

1. Between the leather and the rear metal frame, spray some kind of lubrication, even the much-maligned (in the bike world) WD-40. If you want it to soak in, you should invert the bike, or at least the saddle. Gravity and all.

2. If that doesn't work, add a drop of oil or great to the tension bolt by the nose. The part that touchs other metal. Those threads.

SQUEAKING is high-frequency slipping and catching. Think of pushing chalk on a chalk board. If you have a chalk board, try it. Now grease the chalk board and try it again. Silence! Same with bikes, same with the B.67.

For upright sitting when you aren't counting grams or even ounces, this is the one we recommend. You can't not like a B.67. It looks great, has springs, and is wide enough for any rear end. A wonderful saddle for an upright riding position. Can't beat it.

Springs don't mean "bouncy." The suspension is subtle, and maybe the best thing the springs do is allow the saddle to almost imperceptibly rock back and forth as you pedal. 

The B.67 is single rail so you can use a normal seat post.

Length: 260mm  
Width: 205mm
Weight: 850g


We now also sell the B-67 in the short style, here.


Register your Brooks leather saddle  HERE within 3 months of purchase to extend the 2 year warranty to 10 years.

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