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Saddle - Brooks Cambium C19, ALLWEATHER black

Saddle - Brooks Cambium C19, ALLWEATHER black

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Brooks ALL WEATHER Cambium C19 BLACK

Black on top and natural gum colored underneath

Brooks Cambium is a range of saddles made from vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton with a thin layer of linen or something.  It used to be linen, maybe it still is.  It's the best saddle to get if you're a vegan, and especially one who rides in the rain a lot...and smartly, wants saddlebag loops. 

For most riders, it's not as comfortable as a leather B.17. Will hates the Cambiums. He just can't ride them. But most riders think they're not bad, and the weatherproofness, bag loops, and leatherlessness seal the deal.

Length: 271 mm (about about 4/10th inch shorter than a B.17)
Width: 184 mm (a bit more than half an inch wider than a B.17)
Height: 52 mm (whatver, this is kind of irrelevant)
Weight 460 g (a hair over a pound)



Brooks Cambium saddles are bolted together with small Torx hardware. Like anything that uses screws, you should make sure that they're tight once in awhile with this tool. For extra measure, it's a good idea to also use a little Blue Loctite.
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