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Brakes - Linear Pull - Paul Motolite

Brakes - Linear Pull - Paul Motolite

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** Note **

We do not stock Paul parts on our shelf.  We order them as they're ordered.  The Paul Components factory in Chico is close by so in the past we could get Paul parts orders out the same week. Covid has changed all of that, and delays are unpredictable. Under their current constraints and higher demand, production is jammed and orders could take a few weeks.

These parts are not available for same day in store pick-ups or expedited shipping orders.


Current lead time on all things from Paul is 6-8 weeks.  Please do not order unless you can wait that long, sorry.


Deluxe, Musa linear pull brakes by Paul Price formerly of Danville, now in Chico, CA.


Sold per wheel.


Product Story

All Motolite’s have the capability of running a larger size wheel. In other words, the arms allow the pads to travel way up the arm so you could say, run a 650b or 700c wheel on a bike designed for 26”wheels.

This brake is 100% machined in-house, from 6061 Aluminum. Like all our brakes, these feature our over-sized sealed pivot sleeves machined to a tolerance of plus or minus one thousandths of an inch. And of course our independently adjustable square wire springs keep everything snappy and balanced.

The quick release mechanism is super simple and always reliable. Why doesn’t everybody do it like this?



  • Material                            6061 Aluminum
  • Weight                             137g
  • Finish                               Annodized Black, Annodized Silver or Polished
  • Cable Pull                         Long Pull↓
  • Brake Pads                       Salmon Kool Stop Thinline
  • Exploded diagram     download
  • Instructions                download




    The Tranformative Power of the Motolite Brake from Paul Component Engineering on Vimeo.


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