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Boeshield T9 4 oz bottle

Boeshield T9 4 oz bottle

It's the only chainlube anybody within a hundred miles of us uses AND it's a super duper anti-rust spray.

Developed either by or for Boeing the airplane people. It dries waxy, like you can't even feel it like nobody's business. Got a squeaky door hinge? Out of W-40D, as my granny used to call it? Use this--it may work even better.

Why is WD-40 called WD-40?

They were trying to make a goop that would displace water. They got it right on the fortieth try.

WaterDisplacement 40.

Back to the Boeshield:

You can either get the big spray can or this little 4 ounce bottle. This little bottle is easier to apply to cables, chains, where ever you wanna just put a drop or two with precision and no waste.

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