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Aussie Wool Boxer-Briefs, Navy

Aussie Wool Boxer-Briefs, Navy


100 percent MERINO WOOL BOXER-BRIEF UNDIES UNDERWEAR  (boxer length, hug the legs)

Made out of the same same really comfy and durable merino wool as the other Aussie stuff we sell. We worn and sold about kinds of all-wool undies over the years. These are as comfortable as any and the most long-wearing. Eventually you'll get a hole, but only because you wear then 6x as often as any other undies, and you don't rotate enough.

Never clammy, and you can wear them for 5 days straight, flipping inside out and rightside down every other day--so they're good for travel, camping.

DON'T TAKE PUBIC PUBLIC. They have a fly, it shut if you plan to use them as swimming trunks around strangers.
Machine wash no hotter than warm. Air dry.
Once you have a few pair of these, the world is your oyster.
Waist size range for traditional snuggy fit. If you know the Devold undies, get these in the same size as those. 

If you like loose, you can easily go up a size or two from the measurements listed below—

Waist (inches):
Small (28-30),
Medium (32-34),
Large (36-38),
XL (40-42),
XXL (44-46)


Thermo Fleece, 100% pure Australian Merino wool, interlock knit, 18.5 microns, 200 gsm.

No returns on underwear. It don't matter if you don't even open them. It's the law, and if you think we want to go into the slammer for taking returns on undies, you're morosely mistaken.

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