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Woolywarm Aussie Light & Thin (L&T) Beanie

Woolywarm Aussie Light & Thin (L&T) Beanie

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It's not ultra-easy to find a 100 percent merino wool beanie made in Australia, but that has been our reason for existence. This one is thin enough to fit under a helmet or a thicker beanie or an adjustable ball cap.  You can wear it 300 days a year almost anywhere in the world, and even if you do, it'll stll last ten years. Wash however, dry not hot. Wash it in the shower with sham-poo. You don't have to coddle it, but it IS a natural fiber, not poly-nylon-dacron. Since it's thin and not scratchy, you can wear it under hats and beanies that are. Ours aren't like that, but maybe you have some that are. Like all-poly beanies.

Fit: It stretches, fits most people without size 8 heads or "big hair."

Washing: We recommend not wearing it over greasy hair, so frequent washing won't be necessary, but you can wash it warm in your machine, and then just air-dry it overnight.

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