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Rack - Front - RBW Basket Rack by Nitto (RBW52F)

Rack - Front - RBW Basket Rack by Nitto (RBW52F)

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RIV-NITTO Basket Rack. Our design, our exclusive, everything we hoped for.

Perfect for commuting, shopping, and touring. Made for Wald baskets, both the big-sized Wald 139 and the medium-sized 137, but you can lash a sleeping bag or tent on it directly, or put gear in a Sackville Shopsack and strap it down. The rack is there for you, so have at it.

The connection to the fork dropouts use Nitto struts and hardware so it's easy to adjust the height of the platform for everything from 26' to fat 29'er bikes. The diving plate is slotted so you can butt it up as close as possible to the headtube for good front-end handling. And it's collapsible, for easy shipping.

The joints are fillet-brazed and nickel-plated in Nitto's signature "dull-bright" finish. There are convenient mounting points for lighting on both sides.

There's nothing we'd add or take away from this rack. Sorry, it costs so much, but it's got fourteen fillet-brazed connections, that luscious nickel plating, and it's made by hand, one at a time, in Tokyo. It is the most useful accessory you can put on your bicycle,


Note: These do not include attachment hardware 


Main platform rectangle is roughly 8" x 12"  (308mm x 198mm)

Tombstone and Small front extension rectangle is about 8" x 2" (187mm x 51mm)

WEIGHT LIMIT:  Until we hear otherwise from NITTO, we'll say 20 pounds.





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