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61cm Roadini demo bike - well ridden, but a screamin' deal

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This is our 61cm Roadini demo. It's got a little road rash from when I (Will) took a corner a little too fast and washed out. It scraped the levers a bit, but no big deal. Everything is in perfect functioning order. I love this bike; it's the demo bike that convinced me to get a Roadini even though I already owned a similar Homer. It's got big 54cm Noodles, a 42/28 double, Velocity hubs and rims, and nice asymmetrical Silver shifters. 

It's priced cheap. Maybe there's a nick in the paint that I missed but it's accounted for in the price of the bike. There's nothing major that's for sure. A new Roadini built up like this would be around $3,300.

No returns, no parts swaps, and the saddle isn't included.