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61.5cm Homer - Homer Blue - GP's Deluxe Choice

61.5cm Homer - Homer Blue - GP's Deluxe Choice

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If Grant rode a 61.5cm Homer, this is how he'd build it up. Silver thumbies, Shimano RapidRise T400 derailer and a Silver triple. Billie Bars and a long 135cm 90-190 Faceplater plus short (111mm) OGK grips get you lots of room in front of the brakes/in the hooks. Nitto RBW51 for your streamlined carrying needs. The special touch is a twine replacement -- a custom silk flyline.

See the link below for the rest of the build.

It's a $4,186 bike, but that we're letting go for $3700-- no build labor charge, plus a nice discount.


For PBHs 89 to 96.5 or so. Will has a 96.5cm and this size fits him perfectly.

No pedals included.

Questions? Call us! 800-345-3918.

We won't do major surgery to this bike - no bar swaps, crank swaps, etc, but if you'd like racks and/or fenders let us know - we can do that.

Normal bicycle shipping rates apply.

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