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Basket - Racing - Wald

Basket - Racing - Wald

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Normal BIG WALD top, Racer one, bottom.

MEDIUM normal WALD top, Racer style bottom, best shoes in the world, maximum bottom.

Wald baskets have been made in Kentucky since the early 1900s. Every paperboy in the country who used a basket used a Wald or wanted one, after WWII until papers stopped being delivered by kids. And, Wald baskets are unimprovable, and haven't changed in materials or manufacuring methods ever. No need.

They are the best bargains in the bike world, and they'll make your bike-riding while carrying stuff life much, much better.

Until recently, we sold only three models. One with brackets that attach to dropout eyelets of hubs (we sell it as the CLEM basket, since it is ideal for the CLEM bike); and then a MEDIUM and a LARGE--stock Wald models for a century or so. Those are still our top recommendations if you're dipping your toe into the clear-as-a-bell aquamarine waters of basket pond.

But we're now stocking Wald Racing Baskets, which are factory-cut-down models of the MED and LARGE. Ex-RIvver Sean did this so he could fit a basket better on his drop-bar Hunqapillar. Former shipper Jenny followed on her upright bar bike, proving that they're not just for drop bars. These home-made Racer baskets didn't have the heavier stays across the top, so were imperceptibly (theoretically) flimsier. 

BLUE LUG bike shop in Tokyo wanted some Sean-Jenny style Walds, and ordered enough to make it Worth Wald's While. Friend Jim Porter, owner of Merry Sales (a bike parts distributor and friend) said "Hey, guess what I've got..." And now we do, too. 

The originals hold more, and hold large loads more securely. But these Racer Walds are perfect for bikes that aren't workhorses but still have to be useful. Use a net, and you can hold a good amount. We expect racers of all kinds to pick up on these, and we welcome them to the cult of baskets.


Four to six zip ties or four to six 3-inch lengths of bar tape rolled around the bars. The tape cannot snap and weathers better and avoids plastic. Zip-ties take less time, but what's the rush?


The BIG RACER is 12" x 17" x 3" weighs 1.7lbs. 

The MEDIUM RACER is 9" x 14" x 2.25", weighs 0.9lbs holds a proportionately lesser amount. 

Put a net on them so you can overfill them and to keep the contents  inside.

Sun Chase from Rivendell Bicycle Works on Vimeo.

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