Roman's 57cm Legolas - 87cm PBH

Roman's 57cm Legolas - 87cm PBH

Here's my 57cm Legolas. It's a zippy, nimble, wiggly cross bike and can't be beat for that. I've ridden it all over the bay(s) - north, south, east. More recently however, I've been turning to my Roadini for the longer or mellow rides when I don't want to think about the bike much and just have it cruise along below me. 

It's pink and I love it. I'd wanted a pink bike after seeing this Retrotec. So when I was waiting for the frame to be built, I went down a rabbit hole of pink swatches and ended up with what you see.

The Legolas decals have lots of great little details. We had both a decal “head badge” as well as our normal groovy metal badges.  

For those wondering, I can't ever sell this bike because it has my initial stamped into the bottom bracket – a detail I was unaware of until I flipped the bike over to install the bb cable guide. The whole thing is descriptive – built by Mark Nobilette in 2018 for me (RMS). 

I had a fun time piecing together grey n' silver parts for this bike. It originally had “harlequin-y” silver and black parts but I realized too many black parts didn't jive with the pink.

Speaking of silver, below is a sneak peak of the new Silver3* cranks (*initially called Silver2 - name changed to avert any confusion with our discontinued Silver2-piece external cranks). They're a lighter, roadish version of our current all-a-round Silver cranks. We'll have 'em next year.

Here are a couple more detail shots. I really like how mini v's feel. I tend to tinker with my dyno wire routing and like how this way it disappears behind the brake arm. It's worth noting this wouldn't work as well on a fatter tired bike because the dyno wire limits how far the brakes can open when removing your tire.

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