Sam Hillborne Frames go live tomorrow (Wednesday 12/7) at noon

Sam Hillborne Frames go live tomorrow (Wednesday 12/7) at noon

Sams go live tomorrow, 12/7/22 at noon

The Sam is our do it all, great for everybody, fully lugged country bike. It's a notch stouter than our Homer so you can carry more stuff with it, but isn't a full blown touring bike like the Atlantis or Appaloosa. It's a great choice for conversational road riding, commuting, road touring, mixed terrain riding, and everything in between shuttle-up mountain biking and lycra'd up club road riding. The Sam is:
  • made from the safest bike material: 4130 CRMO steel, including the fork, with wall thicknesses that make sense for real world riding.
  • Designed to get bars high easily, even drops. Quill stems let you find a height that works perfectly for your style of riding.
  • designed to fit big tires - it'll fit a true 46mm tire, which means it'll fit most tires labeled as 48mm. See the 50mm Cazadero clearance below.
  • easy to put racks and fenders on. If your rack doesn't fit on a Sam, you've got a weird rack.
  • Beautiful, and especially this time around. We love both color choices and they look great with the Sam's cream decals and lug accents.  The Sam has great looking, minimal (by today's standards) vertical dropouts - no overly complicated, slide-y things. The fork bend is exactly what we wanted, with a constant radius that starts low.
  • Easy to work on - the housing is external, and the headset is normal. No through axles, hydraulics, electric derailers, etc.

Sams can be set up tons of different ways, but we think they really shine with semi-knobby tires like the ones shown here and Wavie, Choco, and Albatross bars. They're Noodle and Albastache bar compatible too, just use an 8cm stem or shorter.

We unloaded the container yesterday and Mark and James built two up as soon as we finished:


This is a 60cm LimeOlive, set up with Choco bars. The Choco, if you set it up right, has three hand grips, all of which are comfy. Check out the clearance with the 50mm (46cm actual) Cazaderos:

And here's the Wavie bar 57cm Silver Sam:

These cream on the silver paint looks fantastic - there's just the right amount of contrast between the two.

If you get one of these silver ones, set it up with a colorful part somewhere. We put a blue pulley on:

The geometry is exactly the same as last time - here's a chart. It's also on the product page if you want to look at it bigger.


We're doing them, but we're only taking on fifteen more and we'll call people who place orders to see if they want one. We aren't able to do racks, fenders or dynamo set ups until we're caught up - we're just scratching the surface of Platypus builds now, so please be ready for a three month lead time on a build. It might be less than that, but we're playing it safe.

Frame only sales:

The day after the sale we're going to shut the phones down for a couple hours and pack every frame on order - we won't be able to include parts in the boxes, so please make a separate order for anything else you need. It's going to be assembly line style, so we won't be able to stop what we're doing and grab other items.

Questions? Fire away! Our phone # is 800-345-3918.

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