Platypus frames go live April 1st 12 noon PST

Platypus frames go live April 1st 12 noon PST

Our container came, outta the blue

It turns out, much to our relief, that the April 25th ETA I talked about in the last newsletter is for Appaloosas, not Sam and Platypus frames. Our container arrived Friday morning and they're all packed away into our warehouse now.

We've already started chipping away at the Sam orders, which are pre-sold-out. Check out how tightly packed the container was in Sergio's XA snap:


Platypus frames will be available to order Thursday April 1st at 12pm PST. You'll have to trust us that it isn't an April Fools joke. We're going to finish all the Sam orders before starting on the Plattys so even though you'll be able to buy one, we'll take awhile to get to your order.

The two colors are shown above, and from here on out we'll call them Mermaid (background) and Lime Olive (foreground). Here's a picture of a Mermaid 50cm we built up for photos:

We're waiting on Dutch grips to plug on there.

Here's what the Mermaid paint looks like in the sun

At least that's as accurate as my terrible color editing skills allow. Maybe this is slightly too warm. Anyway, it's a great color; we're super happy with how it turned out, but it's definitely not "Blilver" (blue-silver). Green silver is more accurate, but I like mermaid better.

We knew Lime Olive would be a winner from the get-go.

Weird shadows in this pic.. We'll retake it later. This is Lime Olive in the shade.

Check out the rest of the photos of the demo bike in this blog post. There's a stock build listed at the bottom too


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