50cm Platypus Demo

This is the Mermaid color, and we'll plug on some dutch grips as soon as we get 'em in. This is a good representation of what we'd consider the stock build. Parts list below the pics.

In the shade

in the sun


new dropout

in the sun

Despite where it's perched, a Platypus will never be a landfill bike

Da stock build:

  • Velocity built Atlas to Deore wheelset
  • Silver Wide/Low crank
  • Sunrace R91 Rear Derailleur, but an Acera M360 would also be good.
  • Panaracer GravelKing 48mm tires (For 700c bikes we recommend the Shikoros)
  • Tektro M730 V brakes (we have these available for builds. They're excellent)
  • Monarch pedals, although Clem pedals are pictured here and those are nearly as good
  • Any compatible v-brake lever. DXRs are pictured here but Sunrace would also be good
  • Tosco/Bosco/Losco/Choco/Billie/Alba bars
  • The stem depends on the bar. There's a 9cm Tallux pictured here. Err on the side of short if you can't decide.
  • Silver thumbies if you like friction, otherwise, we have Microshift thumbies and rapid fire triggers too.
  • Front derailleurs are tough to source nowadays but we have a stash of assorted ones here that'll all work great. They're only for builds though.
  • 11-34 cassette
  • KMC 9 speed chain
  • Whatever tubes work
  • B17 standards are our favorite, but everybody's different. Antique brown is pictured here.