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Clem Completes 2024

Clem Completes 2024

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The Clems are mostly here. The 52cm orange completes are coming in another container in  the end of March, probably around the 20th. All other variants will ship within a week of ordering.

Read this first: These preassembled complete bikes require a mechanic for the final assembly. We've included a checklist of adjustments to be made included with each bike; don't ride the bike until the checklist is completed. If you're an experienced home mechanic, it'll likely take you about 30 minutes once you get it out of the box and the packing material is on the floor.

A frame built into a complete here by Riv mechanics is at minimum $2,936 without a saddle or pedals, so you're still saving a ton of dough getting one of these and having a mechanic do the final assembly for $100 or whatever they'll charge. 

Clem Smith Jr. is Rivendell’s fat-tire, easy to fender & rack, joyously upright and stable, and more affordable than the rest of our lineup bicycle frame. Clems cost less than our fully lugged models only because they come as complete bikes straight from Taiwan and the two head tube joints are tig-welded instead of lugged. Tigging cuts the construction time for each frame down by a lot so the price gets lower. They'd cost even less if we ditched the head tube ring, seat lug, and fork crown, but we can't limbo that low  :).  Clems are gorgeous bikes, with plenty of beautiful details you won't find on any other tig-welded bikes at any price, including:

• a gorgeous investment-cast fork crown, our own design
• investment-case "napkin-ring" head tube reinforcement rings, with cream-painted RBW and ovals
• an investment cast seat lug with the smartest, strongest binder bolt ears on any seat lug. It uses standard hardware store bolt (M6 x 22) and a 10mm hex nut. In a pinch, you can clamp it with a vise grip, or use almost any combination of bolt, washers, and nuts to close it. If you or the airlines manage to lose yours, every hardware store in THE WORLD will have either a perfect replacement or a workable solution.

These are made by the same people who make the more expensive frames and with the same materials even, so they ride as well as even our custom frames.

PBH ranges:

45cm - 68 to 81cm
52cm - 74 to 88cm
59cm - 86 to 96cm
64cm - 93 to 101cm

Pick the frame size that your PBH falls most in the middle of the range. For instance: I (Will) have a 96cm PBH, so I could ride the 59cm, but a 64cm will fit better because I won't be maxing out the size.

Since there's no standover issues, you can go bigger if you want:

A lot of our customers and some staff have found that oversizing the Clems makes for a more luxurious ride. If you want to try that, use the following formula to figure out if you can achieve your saddle height on a bigger frame:

MINIMUM SADDLE HEIGHT per FRAME SIZE = Seattube length + 13cm. 

Measured from center of crank to top of saddle. It's simple, it works like this: Measure your PBH (pubic bone height) and subtract 11cm. That's a good saddle height for you. Subtract 13cm, and that's your maximum Clem frame size. It assumes a saddle without springs, a fairly normal saddle. Example: If your PBH is 85cm, your saddle height is probably 74cm, and 74-minus-13 is 61, so you could easily ride a 61. But since we dont make that size. You can ride a 59cm. OR even, easily, a 52cm. In general it feels great to ride the biggest frame you can fit, but CLEMs have plenty of handlebar-height adjustability, so a 52cm will feel great, too. 

Is there room for customization?

Only if you're picking the bike up here, and there will be a labor charge. Part of the reason we can keep the cost down on completes is that we send them out straight as they come to us. We also can't add additional parts to the boxes; if you need additional parts, please make a separate order. 

Relevant specs: 

Seatpost Dimensions — 26.8mm for 45cm and 52cm and 29.8mm for 59cm and 64cm

Rear spacing - 135mm and QR wheels only. 

Front derailer clamp size - 31.8mm for all sizes. Get a $32 Skeleton Key FD on our site. It's not a looker, but it works so, so well. 

Complete Bikes

  • FSA Duron Headset
  • Shimano 118mm Cartridge BB
  • Rivendell Silver 38/24t Crank w/ chainguard for 45cm and 52cm and Silver 34/24 for 59cm and 64cm
  • Tektro 837AL V-Brakes
  • Tektro RS360 Levers
  • Alex DM24 Rim / Novatech Hubs
  • Kenda K-1129 Kwick Journey 45mm Tires (sturdy, puncture-resistant, reflective stripe)
  • A Sunrace thumbie for the front derailer and a Sunrace trigger for the rear
  • Sunrace rear derailer
  • Skeleton Key front derailer
  • 11-34 cassette
  • Nitto Tallux Stem - 80mm for the smaller sizes, 110mm for the bigger two.
  • Our world-famous Tosco handlebars, 55cm for the 45 and 52cm frames, 60cm for the two bigger sizes
  • Kalloy Seatpost — 26.8mm for 45cm and 52cm and 29.8mm for 59cm and 64cm
  • Braze ons on the rear chainstay for a dutch style 'cafe lock'. Our recommendation is the Abus Amparo 4750SL Frame/Wheel Lock 104mm Mount Spacing 82mm Clearance

Choose your own pedals, and handlebar grips.  (not included) 

Frame and Wheel Sizes

  • 45cm / 27.5-inch Typical rider height: 5-0 to 5-5
  • 52cm / 27.5-inch Typical rider height: 5-5 to 5-11
  • 59cm / 700c traditional road rim size, but with room for 29er tires
  • 64cm / 700c traditional road rim size, but with room for 29er tires

Shipping Bikes and Frames

  • Bike Shipping: $250 +/- to lower 48
  • International is more complicated - call or email

You can always arrange to pick up your bike here in Walnut Creek, California. California pickups and deliveries pay California sales tax. 

Contact Us

  • Call (800) 345 3918 or (925) 933 7304
    • Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm PST
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