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Busch & Muller IQ-X dynamo headlight

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This is B+M's new maximally bright, minimally styled, dyno headlight. At 100 lux it's as bright as you will probably ever, ever need, and it throws a wide, tall, multi-section cone of light without too much elaborate beam-shaping. The aluminum housing gives the lamp a clean and classy, yet high-tech appearance, and acts as a heat sink to keep the powerful LED cool. It also seems to do a good job at weather-proofing (yes, ours has been rained on more than a little this year.).

The appearance of simplicity extends to the light's operation: one Senso/off switch on the back of the lamp is the only control. The perimeter of the switch also glows a pleasant, if somewhat techy, blue, and along with slits on the side of the housing, should add side-on and rear-facing visibility. In Senso mode (engage Senso by leaving the switch in the on position,) the IQ-X provides a daytime running light which shifts to the super beam at dusk. A capacitor provides stand light. Includes mount and connection for tail light.

A neat and powerful headlight!