Visit Rivendell Bicycle Works

Feb 16, 2021. Walnut Creek, CA.

Ye Olde Pandemic is still here, so we're still closed on Saturdays and still don't take in-shop visitors. BUT we have one of the country's finest cubside-pickups. You buy online or by phone, follow it up with a phone call when you're 20 minutes out, and we'll put your stuff on one of the stumps outside. You can't miss those stumps.

And if you need to interact with us, let's do it outside, OK? Please maintain 6 feet of distance, and wear a mask or two. 

 We're about 28 miles east of San Francisco, just a six-minute walk or three minute bike ride through a supersafe business district from Walnut Creek BART. 

NOTE: We aren't a regular bike shop, we don't generally take in repairs or fix flats--we don't have people to do it, we don't have a wide array of parts a full-service shop would, and our full-time mechanic is always behind on customer builds. But if your situation is dire or your day will be bad if your flat tire doesn't get fixed...we've been known to do that.

Showroom and Retail Sales
and Headquarters:

2040 N. Main St. #19
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

tele 1-800 345-3918
other tele (925) 933-7304
fax (925) 933-7305

Us in a nutshell
We're a small specialty bicycle business, a little out of step with the times. We sell lugged steel frames, leather saddles, wool clothing, and with few exceptions, gear geared toward the super enthusiastic non-competitor. That means we have really good, really neat stuff, and it's nothing at all like what you see in a normal bike shop or in bike magazines or advertisements.

What we do have is beautiful and made to use hard and endure. Much of it is made in Japan, most of it is made just for us, and we sell almost nothing that's made in China. That's a fact, not a political statement. We buy from original manufacturers when possible, most of which have been in business for decades and scores. We have never searched out a cheap price, and our goods are affordable (to the extent that they are) because we buy direct and sell direct. It's the ol' "eliminate the middle man" game gone nuts.


Open Monday through Friday 9-3 Pacific Time. currently closed Saturdays

We're friendly and helpful, but sometimes we have dates and dinner with family, so come in early enough before closing time to get your test rides and business done. Thanks!