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Rivendell Rebate Program


What is this?

This is Rivendell Bicycle Works rebate program. Spend money with us and get a 5% rebate that expires in one year.

How do I spend my Rivendollars?

Rivendollars can be redeemed directly on during your purchase. The option to redeem your Rivendollars is available on the cart page, just before checkout. Please note, you can only use them on web orders. Our super friendly phone support staff can't view or apply your points, that's just the way this program works.

I am not able to find the redemption button.

The redemption is not supported if you are browsing with Safari in private browsing mode on Mac or iOS (including iPhone, iPod & Pad).

When do my Rivendollars expire?

In exactly one year after earning them. They don't last forever, so use 'em up. Once they expire there's no way to get them back. Also, we don't know how many you have! It's a web-based thing so just figure it out.

How do I get more Rivendollars?

Spend more money here, or do the few above things for a few extra.

How do I get Rivendollars for referral?

  1. Send your referral link, available here, to all your friends that might be interested.
  2. Make sure they accept your invitation. Your friend will get some Rivendollars too, 200 of them when they make their first purchase.
  3. As soon as they make their first purchase with a minimum value of $10 you will get 200 Rivendollars.

How do I get Rivendollars for liking on Facebook?

  1. Make sure your Facebook account is connected here.
  2. Just like our Facebook page.

You should get your Rivendollars within 5 minutes. Note that un-liking will result in the cancellation of your credit.