Rivendell is a good place to work but we are fully overstaffed for the foreseeable future and not accepting applications at this time. 

If you know some zip-code 94596 student who rides bikes and lives within cycling distance of 2040 N. Main and only needs 10 hours/week of part-time first-job summer-season gig work we MIGHT consider them for bike-packing but they have to come by and introduce themselves to Dave, our General Manager with a printed (never emailed) resume & letter. Have them do some homework on basic bike maintenance and read our whole website first. It is regularly over 100 degrees for weeks at a time inside our warehouse in the summer and overnight freezing in winter and there is no AC, heat or insulation. You gotta be tough and be able to lift bike boxes over your head and use a hot-glue gun with a safe finesse.

We have 13 employees. Nine full timers.