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Rivendell Bicycle Works - Safe & Comfortable Bicycles for Normal Folks Who Like Having Fun

We really are the odd ducks of the bike world. We don't revere racers or racing; we regard them as bad influences on riding attitudes and equipment. We're experienced, and we don't look for guidance from those whose parents hadn't even met when we began doing bikes professionally. Among the four or five people who work within 20 feet of this laptop, we have more than 120 years of experience in all crannies of the bicycle industry. We're here because of our conviction that bikes should be safe first, comfortable second, useful third, and beautiful in every way.

All of our bikes are our own design. Many of our accessories are. We have the worst selection in any category of any bike shoppy place you're likely to find. We sell two styles of gloves, two locks, three baskets. We sell the best soap in the world, made in Kentucky. All of our Ann Patchett novels are signed by Ann (we don't yet have Commonwealth). We sell Gransfors-Bruk hatchets, and for another $20 will pine tar the handle for you.

We're low on hype and high on education and information. Our opinions may run counter to yours, but they're well-founded and worth listening to. We don't sponsor riders or rides, but we give to the 826 Foundation, VAD foundation, the Fistula Foundation, the Carter Center, and now and then a local hardship case. There are no top-heavy salaries. Pay is not as much as we'd like it to be, but by industry standards, it's not bad. We appreciate you reading this and would like a chance to show off our good stuff and good service.

Check out our articles on bike fit, comfort and more at the Articles section under Info above. Or browse around our shop to get an idea of the products we offer. It's not your usual bike shop, so take your time, hang out, and ask questions when you have them. Or check the PDF version of our print catalog here.

- Grant Petersen, Founder


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