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Stem - Nitto Lugged



Product Details

Our lugged quill stem is the strongest and most beautiful stem out there, and is hand-brazed by Ms. Yabashi, a 47-year old woman who works at Nitto. It is made of CrMo tubes specially drawn for this application, using our own investment-cast lugs. The stem quill is 22.2mm; the bar clamp is 26.55mm.

This stem is a soft, not shiny nickel finish, something Nitto calls dull-bright, strange as that may sound. The quill is 190mm. It is expensive, but of course is a good choice for a bike that'll last a long time. If you can afford it. If not, get the Tallux, and save $$$. (You'll never regret a lugged stem & it's just a matter of whether you can afford it.) (Also, if you can afford it, please buy it from us, because we spent all the money getting them made!)

Get the Nitto 26.0 to 25.4 shim if you're gonna use this with a 25.4mm clamp bar like the Bosco or Billie.

Since this is made of steel, please squirt some boesheild inside and roll the goop around before installing it on your bike.
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