Saddle - Brooks B17 Special

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Antique Brown

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The B.17 is Brooks's most popular saddle, and the one we recommend most of the time. There are different variants. This is a Special version of the basic Black Brooks B.17, because the lower edge of the side flap is hand-beveled (skived), and the rivets holding the leather to the frame are 13mm wide copper and set by hand with a hammer, rather than small steel and machine-set.

The difference is cosmetic, and if you like the honey color and the big rivets and get a chill knowing a brute with a mallet smacked the copper rivets flush with the leather, then get this saddle.

It's 17cm wide. It is the best all-around Brooks model, and the one that makes Brooks so famous and popular these days.

If you sit really upright, consider another model (like the B. 72 which we don't stock, or the B.67 which we do). But for general sportsy-type riding, any B.17 is the one we prefer.

Length: 275mm
Width: 175mm
Height: 65mm
Weight: 540g


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