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The Grip Monarch is a slight improvement over the Grip King. Don't replace the Kings if you have them, but if you need pedals for another bike, get these bad oscars.

The Monarch is squarer than the King, and flatter top to bottom. It comes with eight set screws per side; King had zero. The set screws add grip, and are removable (if you fear them) with a 2.5mm allen. Leave them alone.

The Monarch's length feels good beneath your shoe. The cup-and-cone (not cartridge) bearings get smoother with use, and in more than 25 years of selling MKS pedals, and 30+ years of riding them myself, I have never seen or heard of rough bearing on any MKS pedal.

 If I had one bike, and I could get only one pair of pedal for it for the next 30 years, this is the pedal I’d get, no hesitation.

 Silver or black. Get two pair and put one of each on a bike.

Now in limited pairs of one black, one silver. You don't get to pick which color goes on which side though.. it's random!

DIY pedal spikes. <---to make Kings grip like Monarchs.

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