Handlebar - Nitto Choco, Alu HT 54cm x 25.4 (B357AAF)

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Nitto Choco-NORM Bar

The problem with our handlebar selection is that we don't offer a wide variety, something for everybody; just the styles we personally use and like. The Choco is one of our newer ones, and like the Billie and Albatross, it's relatively flat and sweeps back toward you a lot, for a good wrist-inward ergonomic nirvanal position.

It's also good for road bikes instead of a drop bar, when you want a close grip and a totally perfect next-to-stem grip. It's the best bar we have for that.  But it's not a specialized-use bar at all. It's good bar for any almost any bike.

The Choco takes barend shifters and brake levers.

There are two variants:

CHOCO-MOOSE, with the triangulation (and tig-welded) that makes it moosey. It has to be stiffer and stronger, but the other is strong and stiff enough, so it’s mostly style. And this one retreats an extra inch-or so.

CHOCO-NORM, the standard solo bar style. It fits a stem with a 25.4mm clamp.

Assuming price is not the decider, how to pick:

If you’re putting it on a mountain bike or a bike for loaded touring, and that bike isn’t too small for you, get the CHOCO-MOOSE. Why not? It’ll work great.

For any roadish or touringish bike get the CHOCO-NORM.


CHOCO-MOOSE: CrMo, 2.25lb, effective extension 12cm, 54cm wide.
CHOCO-NORM: Heat-Treated 2014 Aluminum, 0.75lb, 54cm wide.

Not to indulge your obsession with weight, only to make apples-to-apples easier: A CHOCO-NORM with a 12cm Tallux stem weighs 9.6oz less than a CHOCO-MOOSE.

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