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Frame - A. Homer Hilsen

Frame - A. Homer Hilsen

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"... like sliding into a bathtub full of warm mac and cheese."—BSNYC


We've called the Homer a "country bike" because it's between a too-skinny/ techy modern road bike and a gonzo-bozo techy mountain bike. But if you ride on roads exclusively, it's a pure road bike, with no compromises. Its ability to fit tires to 43mm with fenders and a rack or two doesn't detract from its roadiness AT ALL. It is the most versatile, useful road bike we make or can even imagine.  I have two--one with Albatross bars, one with drops.

Since the first Homers in 2006 (or so) we've offered it in Homer Blue, and now alongside, we've got a Mustard Pearl. 

BUILT FOR: Any road, paved or gravel, and moderate fire trails. Light touring, with loads to 30lbs (or so). It's the most versatile road bike we make, and has been since we introduced it in 2006.

ALL WEATHER: Easily fendered, so you can ride it all year long.

FRAME: Our-designed SILVER (brand) CrMo tubing in dimensions we see fit. Geometry is dialed, it rides like all Rivendells. 

RECOMMENDED HANDLEBARS: Drops, Albastache, Albatross, Choco.

BRAKES: Long-reach sidepulls, or centerpulls.

TIRE CAPACITY: 43mm with fenders, 48mm without.  MINIMUM: 38mm. If you want to ride smaller than that, get a Roadini. 

BRAZE-ONS: All you need for fenders and a variety of racks.

LOAD-Carrying  CAPACITY: About 30 lbs. It depends on your weight, tire volume, pressure, and riding style.  


BEAUTY: Nothing held back. It's a gorgeous bike. The colors, the decals, all the details, the lugs, the crown, the BB shell. Every detail is smart and strong.

COLORS: HOMER BLUE, MUSTARD PEARL, and DARK GOLD (remaining from Spring '23).

WHAT IT COMES WITH (WORTH AT LEAST $100): Headset, bottom bracket, and seat post (27.2mm). 

Size (cm) Min. PBH (cm)  Standover*
w/ 43mm Tire
Tire Size
47.5 76 75.1 650b
51 80 78.5 650b
54.5 83.5 82 700c
58 87.5 86 700c
61.5 90 89 700c
64 94 92.5 700c
* closest approximation given the micro-variances in tire ages and diameters on different rims, different tire pressure, and tire wear. Standover is to the top of the middle of the top tube. If standover is 1cm or more less than PBH, then with shoes on you'll still have an inch of clearance. Standover height decreases with smaller tires, of course. So, for example, if your PBH is 82.4 and you're going to ride 33mm tires max, you could still fit a 54.5.

NOTE: Don't be baffled by unfamiliar numbers or dimensions. We are happy to explain it to you IF you want to know, or to understand it, but the main point is, when you give us an accurate Pubic Bone Height, we can nail the size for you—whether you care to know the numbers or not.


We have a couple build packages here, all discounted $300 or so in return for letting us pick some of the stuff. The James pick is as good as any. If you want an a la carte build, there's an option there.

Here are some considerations when you're thinking about how to build it.

HANDLEBARS: Drops, Albastache, Albatross, or Choco. They're all good.

SHIFTERS: With drop bars: You probably know what you like. With Albastache, use bar-end shifters, indexed or friction. With Albatross bars, same—bar-end shifters. They leave maximum hand-space in front of the brake levers. Choco bars, use bar-enders or thumbies, or one of each. The Grant Special position (see photos) for the rear shifter is unbeatable, but it doesn't index, and is probably too far out for most people, although it is functionally, ergonomically, the best I/Grant have ever tried.

WHEELS & TIRES: If you weigh under 140lb and won't load it up and want it super-zippy, get Rich here to build you some light wheels on rims at least 24mm wide. Ride light tires, but there's no reason to go skinnier than 38mm.

If you want all-around versatile wheels and you weigh a normal amount, ride Atlas rims and 40mm to 48mm tires with a road-like tread. There are plenty, and we're happy to pick 'em for you.

GEARING: If you have a bike now, you'll have some idea of the gears you need to get up the local hills. Single, double, or triple rings up front—they all work and make sense. Some ideas:

Single: 38 to 42t ring?   Double: 42 x 26 or 30; or 38 x 24.  Triple: 44 x 34 x 24. 

DERAILERS: Performance is unrelated to price. Shimano's best-designs are the low-priced Altus and Acera. Any SunRace, MicroShift, or Shimano derailer will be super, just make sure (have us make sure!) it works with the shifter, chain, and gearing. If, as a matter of principle, you want the most expensive derailers, that's fine, and the bike is worthy of them. But they won't shift better than cheap ones, and often they don't look even as good. COVID has led to component shortages, and we've scrambled and are still scrambling to have a decent selection. Don't sweat derailers.

The A. Homer Hilsen wheel sizes vary according to the size of the frame:

  •  650b: 47.5cm, 51cm,
  • 700c: 54.5cm, 58cm, 61.5cm, 64cm

Framesets include an FSA Duron 1" threaded headset, a 27.2mm seat post, and 110mm square-taper bottom bracket. 135mm rear spacing and 28.6mm OD seat tube.


  • Frames:
    • Frame shipping is automatically set at $87 within the lower 48 states.
    • This rate may be adjusted depending on the actual rate at the time of shipping. 
  • Bikes:
    • Bike orders will default to $250 to the lower 48. If your actual shipping price is more, we will reach out to you for an additional payment.

Frame Prep:

Please have your LBS or a competent mechanic align the rear derailer hanger before building. Otherwise, it's good to go. If you plan on using a loose ball bottom bracket, you should face the BB shell. Cartridge? Don't worry about it. Call us with questions.

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