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These are new-in-box frames that are discounted because we don't have time to prep them. We're loaded up with bikes to build and ship and would like to avoid adding more to the stack.

If you'd like a build, great! but there's a long lead time, up to two months. Give us a call after you order the frame online.

Also part of the discount hinges on not adding anything else to the order. OK if you need cable hangers or something, that's fine, but please make a separate order if you need other stuff.


The A. Homer Hilsen was born in 2003, and filled the humongous gap between race-only road bikes and mountain bikes. It redirected our approach to bikes and riding, and created our "country bike" category (mainstream bike makers are going with the more confining and baffling term, "gravel grinders").

Homer's are at home on paved or unpaved roads, credit-card tours centuries, and brevets - so the only thing keeping it from being (in our parlance) an All-Rounder is the size of tire it can fit. Homer's go up to 44mm, which for a roadish bike, is seriously phenomenal, so no need to get greedy and wish for more.

We ride our Homers with 33mm to 40mm tires, a small rack or BananaSack on the handlebars, and a BagBoy or another BananaSack on the saddle.

If you want speed on the road with versatility to tour or ride dirt now and then A. Homer Hilsen is ideal.

For sizing please refer to our PBH and Geometry charts here.

The A. Homer Hilsen wheelsizes varies according to the size of the frame;
650b: 47.5cm, 51cm, 54.5cm, 58cm
700c: 61.5cm, 64cm

Framesets include an FSA Duron 1" threaded headset, a 27.2" seat post, and 110mm square-taper bottom bracket.

A la carte builds available — please give us a call for more info at (800) 345-391

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