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Brake Pads - Kool Stop, various

Brake Pads - Kool Stop, various

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Brake Pads - Kool Stop E-bike


A guy who builds up tons of bikes asked me if I’d ever tried Kool-Stop e-bike brake pads, and of course not. Who’s going to do that out of the blue? I don’t replace brake pads until I hear the metal holders touching the rim, anyway.

The guy, Chris C., is not a raver and wasn’t pushy, but he seemed bursting with sincere enthusiasm for these pads, which he said are smooth and quiet and stop fantastically well, so we got samples, and holy cow.

I think these are as good as brake pads get, and I suspect they’re really the best in the world. The 73mm V-brake pads are thicker than most V-brake pads—probably so you don’t blow through skinny ones on rim-braked eBikes—and that’s another bonus. You can use the V-brake pads-with-holders on sidepulls, too.

The 54mm and 73mm pad inserts are for Shimano, Tektro, Dia Compe, and Yokozuna brake pad holders.


Made in the USA.


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