Sackville Banana Sax


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We made this years ago, stopped, many small bag makers took up the slack in the interim--good for them all!--and now it's back with the most refined, perfect design yet. Ever. There's a new mounting rig that is so obviously better, I feel stupid for not thinking of it myself. I think Roman did. Vince?  Will? I think it was Roman. No matter--the point is, the BananaSack is better for it, because it makes it a cinch to mount on a saddle or on the handlebar.  And the closure is our world-beating but not world-famous ring-and toggle. So neat, so fast. Inside, there's a similar thing that closes flaps and helps the bike keep it's shape, but still shows the load inside, and gives you access without having to undo it. A sleeve pocket inside holds your cell phone, money, or keys.


Sackville Banana Sack from Rivendell Bicycle Works on Vimeo.


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