Will's Mom's bike

Will's Mom's bike

It's an out-of-the-box Clem build but I swapped in a Silver2 thumbie and a Nexave Rapid Riser (we have them available for builds), changed the tires to fatter "Urban Contacts", and added a bell, Monarch pedals, and a 30 year old women's Avocet Ti-railed saddle I used to ride.

The rack is an R14, which is actually meant for the rear, but it works on the front if you have the drilled fork crown like a lot of our bikes do.

I Voile strapped on the basket in case she doesn't end up needing so much cargo capacity.

It's a Christmas present that she knows is coming so I'm not letting the cat out of the bag by posting this here. Fingers crossed she likes it - I'm bringing down two other saddles in case she's not into this one.

Funny? eh, kinda I guess.

The BananaSack is filled with tools she may not use - There's a patch kit in there, but I can't really see her using it if she gets a flat.

I won't be mad or surprised if she takes this button off.

Even people who aren't super bike nerds appreciate a nice bell; I'll bet it's one of the first things she comments on.

Happy Holidays!



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