Will's 63.5cm Rosco Bubbe

Will's 63.5cm Rosco Bubbe

PBH: 96.5cm

The Rosco decal is a catch-all for one off frame runs we design mostly to take up unused spare forks. They were fun projects, and I got to design this one. The forks were supposed to go on 66cm Hunqapillars, which never got made.

There are, I think, 12 of these particular Roscos out in the world. After riding this one for a couple years, there's nothing about the design I wish I had done differently. Grant would probably stretch out the chainstays a couple more centimeters, and I wouldn't mind that, but the 50cm stays are adequate.

It had SimWorks Fun3 bars on it for the longest time until I realized how much I missed Boscos and these will stay on for a couple years at least. They're too wonderful.

I set it up with modern-ish Shimano 11 speed stuff, but now I wish I had just put a silver crank on it and done the usual Riv stuff. I don't know exactly how to diagnose creaks and clicks with external BB cranks and this bike has a click that I can't quite identify. No big deal, though.

I'm glad I insisted on the seatstay mounted pump peg. That's my favorite spot for a pump but we generally don't put pegs there for fear of the pump popping out into the rear wheel. So far so good, but I should put a wrap of velcro around the bottom.

This was also my first foray into tubeless, which instantaneously solved my tire swapping predilection. I'll run these Schwalbe G-ones until they disintegrate.


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