Will's 61.5cm Homer

Will's 61.5cm Homer

96.5cm PBH - 84.5cm saddle height.

This is my second Homer, my first was a MUSA one. That was a fantastic bike but I much prefer the six degree upslope and slightly longer wheelbase of the newer ones. I love hopping on this bike after getting used to riding my heavily loaded Rosco or Appaloosa - it feels like a race bike, but without all the discomfort.

That's a 177.5mm Ritchey crank with a Salsa outer ring and a Sun XCD rear derailer - Grant wrote the weight on it for some reason I can't recall.

That's a genuine Blue Lug hub shiner on the DT swiss rear hub. They sent us a bunch of them and it took us forever to figure out what they were.

The 47mm Conti "Urban Contact" tires fit easily without a fender.

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