Big Susie

Will's 59cm Fillet Susan

This is the bike I grab if I know I'm going to be riding seriously bumpy trails. I rode it this past Saturday down Eldridge grade on Mt. Tam in the rain and was super glad to be on such a safe feeling bike. Eldridge grade, especially the top, is super rocky and, although it's doable on skinnier tires, it's far from enjoyable. The 2.6 tires and long wheelbase slice through the turbulent stuff and, unlike my skinnier tire'd bikes, allows me to glance up every once in awhile and take in the view

On less rocky trails, the Susie feels like luxury. It's almost too easy, and once you get used to it, it's hard to go back to the skinnier tire'd bikes. My Susie, despite the big tires, doesn't feel bad on the road either. It doesn't feel like a road bike of course, but it's so comfortable that I don't mind pushing around the bigger tire on pavement for awhile.

The bike is shown with one of those clip-on fenders, but I forgot to bring it on Saturday and I got covered in mud as soon as we were off the road. 

I'm using a 38/32 in front with an 12-32 seven speed cassette in the back. I've been riding the sample for our upcoming Riv 7 speed hub and so far, so good. It has the quick engagement that fancier hubs have and we're getting them in both silver and green. 

I think eventually I'll switch the chainrings to 40/30 or 38/28.

Here are a couple more pictures. That's what a B17 looks like when you've been caught in a couple rainstorms without a saddle cover. I had to tighten the bolt a lot to take the sag out of it. 

Other parts include:

  • Simworks Fun3 bars
  • 90-190 stem, 85mm length
  • IRD CAFAM levers
  • Blue Lug Ourys
  • A Silver2 thumbie for the rear and a sunrace stem shifter for the front
  • Banana sack. 
  • S83 seatpost
  • N72 front hub, Edelux light
  • Kenda Kwick Saber Pro tires
  • Deore V-brakes, my fave
  • Old XT rear derailer

It's an excellent, super fun, super versatile bike.

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