Sergio's Sam

Sergio's Sam

Most of my bikes have a lot happening in the way of accessories and features, but this one is a joy to ride because it's exactly the opposite. It's a truly simple bike. I built this Sam up with summer city slickin' in mind: for riding around the city where there are always amenities nearby. The days are long so I don't need lights, and I don't need to carry much either, so no racks. 

The downtube shifters mean easy maintenance and less cables up front. If I need to carry stuff or I'm riding late at night, I still have my Appaloosa, but I really enjoy having a pared down Rivendell too. I was worried about the 35mm tires not filling out the frame enough but I think it worked out nicely. I suppose there isn't much to say, it's sort of featureless, but man is it fun to zip around on this thing.


New staff favorite, these hubs.

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