Roman's 60cm Platypus - 87cm PBH

Roman's 60cm Platypus - 87cm PBH

Roman here -- this bike is pure comfort. It's my most upright bike and I love it (85cm Face Plater and 58cm Boscos -- palindrome ##s!). It's my commuter and camper. I'll put a front der on there eventually but I've been fine with stopping and adjusting so far.

Other notables are:

  • Some semi-bald 2.25 (2.1 or so in reality) Thunderburts that lived their first life on my Hunqpillar -- these are ~max width that'll fit the frame without worries.
  • The light mount/pump peg made from a old brake cable hanger.
  • A flipped Jandd "Sling and Pack" makes for a comfy seat in the absence of a leveler top tube.
  • Extra long front dyno wire -- I won't trim that down until I'm totally locked into a rack and light position

Roman needs a Manny strap here between the rack and handlebar - we don't condone baskets and Mark's racks.  -Will





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